Marine Biology Camps & Marine Science Scuba Camps

Sea Turtle Camp is a life enriching marine biology summer camp experience for teens. Have you ever looked into the enchanting eyes of a living, breathing 200 pound sea turtle? The message delivered by that ancient creature will captivate your soul! We offer a variety of programs designed to share this powerful experience with others, whether it is school groups, teen summer camps, travel programs, or adult retreats.

Our teen marine biology camp adventures allow you to enter the realm of the sea turtle and make a difference in the health of our planet. Summer science programming is an exciting hands-on, feet wet marine science camp experience that takes place in beautiful southeastern North Carolina, tropical Costa Rica, or picturesque Hawaii. Whether it’s volunteering in the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, scuba diving over North Carolina’s shipwrecks, patrolling Caribbean beaches in search of nesting leatherback and green sea turtles or participating in ongoing Hawaiian sea turtle research, each adventure will inspire you. We even have programs for adults. Check our Marine Biology Camp Schedule and reserve your spot today!

Sea turtle work doesn’t cease during the school year, as these animals require year-round rehabilitative care before they can be released back out into the wild. We offer a variety of programming during the non-summer months designed to educate school groups about the perils that sea turtles face, both in the ocean and on land. During these interactive marine biology residential or day programs, students will learn the message from the turtles and carry it back home with them. Our goal is for all participants to gain a life changing appreciation for coastal conservation.

Through this multidimensional marine biology program, participants will gain a life changing appreciation for coastal conservation. Come “Sea Life” differently and have a marine biology adventure that will change your life forever!

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