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The Properties of Seawater

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

water molecule 2Water is the most abundant compound on Earth’s surface. In nature, water exists in liquid, solid, and gaseous states. The ocean covers 72% of the earth’s surface and of all the water on earth 97% is salt water while only 3% is fresh – and of that 3%, 70% is locked in ice caps.

Seawater is more dense then freshwater, it is composed of 96.5% water and 3.5% dissolved compounds. The ocean is historically alkaline with a pH between 7.5 to 8.4 and an average salinity between 3.1% and 3.8%.  Ocean salinity is not actually uniform because the salt in ocean water comes from the weathering of earth’s land surface over time.

Water exhibits cohesion, adhesion, and surface tension. Cohesion is the ability of molecules to stick to themselves. In the case of water this is most easily demonstrated in the water droplet. Strong hydrogen bonds are created between separate molecules as the negatively charged oxygen atoms of one water molecule are attracted to the positively charged hydrogen atoms on another. Simply put – they stick together!

stock-footage-water-drops-on-pine-tree-needlesAdhesion functions in a similar fashion to cohesion and it is also the result of intermolecular forces. The main difference being that it refers to the ability of dissimilar particles or surfaces to cling to one another. An example of this is dew drops clinging to the needles of a pine tree.

WaterstriderEnWikiThe cohesive forces among liquid molecules are responsible for the occurrence of surface tension. Surface tension results from the greater attraction of water molecules to each other (due to cohesion) than to the molecules in the air (due to adhesion). The net effect is an inward force at its surface that causes water to behave as if its surface were covered with a stretched elastic membrane. Which is why a water strider, which is denser then water, is still able to run along the waters surface!

The Plants of the Sea

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Algae are a diverse group of organisms encompassing a vast and varied group of plants that can be found on all reaches of the globe.


In the natural environment algae serves several important functions. Most importantly they are primary producers, and serve as the base for almost all aquatic food chains. They are a valuable food source for many animals, provide shelter, and contribute to the recycling of nutrients in aquatic systems. They also help contribute to over 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe on this planet.

The brown, red, and green groups are probably the most easily identified.

Brown algae or Phaeophyta are the largest type of algae. Brown alga is typically found in temperate or arctic waters and they usually have root-like structures called holdfasts to secure or anchor them to hard surfaces. Kelp is probably the most well known type of brown algae, as they form enormous and ancient underground forest.

redRed algae or Rhodophyta include more than 6,000 species alone. Red algae can be brilliant in color and can survive at much greater depths then other similar types of green and brown algae because it absorbs blue light. Red coralline algae are very important in the formation for coral reefs.

sealettuceGreen algae or Chlorophyta can be found in both marine and freshwater habitats, some even thrive in moist soils. Green algae’s can be unicellular, colonial or multicellular. These types of algae have green chloroplasts containing chlorophylls which give them there coloration. The first terrestrial plants evolved from there freshwater cousins over 500 million years ago!

2014 Camper Reviews

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

141Sea Turtle Camp was AMAZING! It was an awesome experience for everyone including me. The instructors were so nice, kind, fun to be around and punny. I learned so much about marine life found in North Carolina. Working with the sea turtles at the hospital opened up my eyes that I need to start helping the ocean even more so that these beautiful creatures can have a better life. This camp has really inspired me, and got me out of my comfort zone. I made lots of new friends and grew as a person. I also felt more independent and now I know that dish soap doesn’t go in the dishwasher. I had an amazing time with the campers and sea turtles. It was awesome! – Sydney M. Wyoming

Sea Turtle Camp was an unforgettable experience!! I’ve had so much fun this week and I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime. Even though my time here was short, that’s okay because some infinities are bigger than other infinities (tfios)! I will always remember my time here. If I was surfing in the waves, or finding Dane (the sea turtles) spot he likes to be brushed, everything about camp was amazing! The counselors taught in a very interactive way, and it was really cool because while they were teaching you, you were also teaching them. We also had amazing food! And I thought that the campers would be crabby (ahh, ahh) but they weren’t, they were all super nice! And the counselors were awesome!!!! They were very nice and I liked the puns we created! I hope I can come back again!” – Desirae D, Florida

IMG_5699Sea Turtle Camp was an amazing and wonderful experience. My favorite part was going to the sea turtle hospital. My favorite turtles were Scottie, Park, Wiggles, and October. I loved getting a chance to see what goes on with the turtles. I also really enjoyed the surf lessons. I have never surfed before and I ended up really liking it. All of the counselors were really nice. They were like campers but older. All of my cabin buddies were amazing. I made tons of friends.  I liked seeing the turtle lay eggs at night!The camp was so much fun. – Kelcey H, Ohio

Sea Turtle Camp was “inseine”! Leatherbacks group was the best and I had a great time. I learned a lot during activities but also had buckets of fun.  I formed great bonds with everyone in my cabin. Once of my favorite things we did was work at the sea turtle hospital. Seeing what could happen to the turtles if we didn’t be careful was very powerful. I also really enjoyed the fouling docks and learning about the organisms present. – Alex S, Maryland

IMG_1628Sea Turtle camp was amazing! I honestly had such an awesome time. The activities were a perfect balance of active and relaxing and I was never bored. I had such a great time helping at the sea turtle hospital! I feel like I learned so much, and it was really only 6 days. Camp felt like a month – we did so much and I feel like I got to know everyone in our group. Leatherbacks are the best. I could not have asked for a better group. The instructors were really nice and funny! All in all, I had such a great time! I’m so glad I got to come – best camp ever. – Sarah S, Georgia

Sea turtle camp was a really great experience.  From the time I got off the air plane all of the counselors and campers were great.  When I met my roommates we immediately became friends.  On the way to activities our constant naptime was hilarious!  Seine netting, surfing, paddleboarding, and the aquarium were a lot of fun. All of the other campers and counselors made these experiences a hundred percent better.  Helping with the sea turtle hospital really reinforced what I would like to eventually do with my life.  It took me only a few minutes for me to get comfortable with all the counselors. I am really going to miss everyone. – Diana N, Florida

DSC_3717Sea turtle camp was an amazing time!  I had so much fun doing the activities with the people and the counselors were awesome!  The other kids were fun to hang out with and I had so much fun with them as well. I especially liked the surfing and the sea turtle hospital.  I loved bathing the turtles and taking care of them.  One thing that surprised me was that I loved doing the outreach.  Before I did not enjoy public speaking that much, but after the event I kept wanting to do it!  I definitely want to do this again especially in Hawaii or Costa Rica!  There will never be another group as awesome as the leatherbacks!  I also can’t believe that we saw two turtle nests!  It was so cool! I will never forget this experience.” – Nina G, Marylan


2014 Camper Reviews

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

IMG_1318Sea turtle camp was an amazing experience with a perfect balance of education and fun!  This was my first time at a summer camp, but homesickness was not an issue because of the helpful counselors and my funny and kind fellow campers.  I was worried because of my severe allergy to gluten but the camp provided me with filling snacks and three hardy meals a day.  My favorite parts of the camp were the seine netting catching shark on the pier, surfing, and of course the sea turtle hospital.  Also every night we had family time where all the campers gather together and bond even closer.  I came away from Sea Turtle Camp with an increased love of marine biology and memories that will last forever.  – Lucia H, Virginia

Sea Turtle Camp was unforgettable –  it could not have been better.  Every activity, lesson, or experience was beyond what I had imagined.  Though I am not a morning person, the full schedule was something I looked forward to each day.  I have been to many day and overnight camps and this is by far my favorite.  The counselors were caring and compassionate people who were always ready to have a laugh, but were always serious enough to be prepared for each event. Sharing a room with 5 other girls brought us close as ever in a span of one week.  These are people that I want to stay in contact with. – Becca C, Connecticut IMG_3780

What an amazing experience, one I will never forget.  I was able to retain so much new information and have fun at the same time.  Also the bonds you make with your group are so strong and it makes the camp enjoyable.  The counselors were amazing, funny, and gave us a lot of freedom when it came to our daily schedule.  I loved all of the enthusiasm they brought and how close I was able to get with them.  Our group became family and I had the best time at this camp!  – Leyla N, California

Sea Turtle Camp was an experience like no other.  Everything met my highest expectations.  Learning my true passion through this camp gives me opportunities that will benefit me in the future.  I not only love the education but my new family.  My family includes the amazing counselors, superb friends, and the turtles.  I will miss the camp and will apply next year.  I recommend this camp to anyone who wants to major in biology and who is searching for a good time. –  Hunter W, Ohio

Sea Turtle Camp was very thrilling/exciting everything we did from family time to collecting and learning about specimens.  I really like the hospital and all its great work.  The counselors were very kind and considered us before them.  This camp was really fun and I learned a lot.  All in all the campers, counselors, and other mentors made this the best week of my life. – James S, Indiana

Sea Turtle Camp was the best thing I have ever done.  I had so much fun learning about marine biology and working with the turtles at the hospital.  The counselors were the best.  I had such a great time. – Joseph S, Florida

Sea Turtle Camp truly an amazing experience. I loved getting to work hands on with both injured and recovering turtles. While I was here we even got to see a real loggerhead nest! I learned many things such as the term “cold-blooded” doesn’t mean the animal actually has cold blood. The term means that animal is exothermic, meaning they get their heat from outside resources. Humans are endothermic, which means we create our own heat. This camp was a great experience because everyone here is so nice and we did great activities like surfing and paddle boating. Overall, this is a great camp and I hope to come back next year.  – Lila Z, New Jersey


Sea Turtle Camp was…something I wish every single person who has a true passion for sea turtles and marine biology could have. It was so amazing. I loved being able to help sea turtles at the sea turtle hospital. This was a great experience that I would love to do another time. While I was here, I loved being able to make 11 new friends that HOPE I can keep in touch with for the rest of my life. So whoever is reading this, thank you so much for making this camp an experience of a lifetime.  – Harper B, New York

Sea Turtle Camp was the most fun I had over the summer.  I really enjoyed the work at the sea turtle hospital, helping out with the turtles and the people who take care of them.  Also learning about all the marine life and going out and catching them too, was the highlight. Most of all, the counselors were the best, funny, and very nice.  Surfing and playing sports on the beach was fun too.  – Dylan C, Virginia

2014 Camper Reviews

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

217Sea Turtle Camp was AMAZING!  I loved how fun, educational, and capturing it was.  The councelers were so informative as well as the surf and paddle board instructors.  The amount of times we got to go to the sea turtle hospital made me feel like I really worked there.  It was involving and awesome.  The councilors really opened up my eyes about the dangers these turtles face.  I didn’t realize how much humans can harm or help.  I know how we can make a difference all over the world for our environment.  For Sea Turtle Camp being my first camp, it was far more fun than I thought it’d be.  I love Topsail, NC and I wouldn’t want to do anything else than learn, have fun, and sea adorable sea turtles!!! – Sophia K, Maryland

Sea Turtle Camp was an amazing experience!  My favorite part was when we went surfing and volunteering at the hospital.  I loved learning all about marine biology and especially sea turtles!  The counselors knew so many facts and interesting things about marine biology.  I went to sea turtle camp to learn more about marine biology and see if it is a possible career option for me to study.  I definitely want to study marine biology more and volunteer at other places.  Overall, I had such an awesome experience and hopefully I can go back next year.  This time in Hawaii! – Eden S, Illinois

IMG_3458Sea turtle camp was an educational and all around fun experience.  The purpose of this camp for me as an individual was to identify whether or not I wanted to continue on to college focusing in marine science or rather look into a different field.  Personally sea turtle camp did this for me all while being a fun 11 days.  It allowed me to look at many career options as well as look into UNCW, a college that I was interested in.  This camp allowed me to realize what marine science actually was since I came into it with a blind eye and no knowledge about many of the topics.  Despite my limited incoming knowledge, I was still able to understand what the instructors were teaching since they explained everything in simple yet meaningful terms.  I really enjoyed the fun activities like surfing paddleboarding, and kayaking since they broke up the learning and packed day. Overall, the camp allowed me to make a clearer decision about my future all while being fun. – Reilly J, Pennsylvania

Sea turtle camp was a great experience.  I enjoyed working with the sea turtles and working with my new friends.  I got to see how marine biology works at this camp.  This knowledge will benefit me in the future.  I was amazed with how much I learned, for example the average amount of eggs one nest holds is about 120.  I hope to continue my path toward marine biology.  I thank all of you for this once in a lifetime experience.  I hope to come back in the future. – Ryan C,  Illinois


Sea turtle camp was an amazing experience that I will likely never forget.  Working hands on with the sea turtles and marine life was fascinating.  I have learned a lot and will take this education of marine life and use it to my advantage.  I have wanted to be a marine biologist since I was seven and haven’t changed my mind yet.  So I am thankful for this experience I have a lot more respect for marine life now because of this camp.  My favorite part of this camp was working hands on with the sea turtles.  I realize now how much the sea turtles have to go through. – Adian V, Florida

Sea turtle camp was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.  I am usually nervous about anything new, but this was extremely scary because it was my first overnight camp.  I laugh at myself now because everyone here was so nice and caring.   Every activity we did i enjoyed, even surfing.   If I had to pick my favorite activity , it would be watching the baby turtles get released into the ocean..  Words cannot describe how amazing that was to me.  It was terrific that our group got to be part of an excavation.I loved was the Sea Turtle Hospital.  As soon as you walked in, everyone was so friendly. Every intern I saw had a smile on their face and never got impatient.  You can see in their face that they loved what they are doing and that inspires me.  I want to be in their position in a few years.  This camp has helped push me in the direction I want to go in life.  It would be amazing to get up every morning and say “I work at the Sea Turtle Hospital.”  Maybe that will come true one day. – Sarah L, North Carolina

IMG_4666Sea Turtle camp was the funnest week of my summer.  I really liked working at the  sea turtle hospital especially in turtle bay.  I loved hearing each of the turtles’ stories, and seeing how unique each turtle was.  The plastic talk was very interesting.  It really put in perspective how much plastic we use and the effect it has especially on marine life.  It definitely made me more aware of my own actions, and will make me use less plastic.  Spending time with the other groups and camps was one of the most fun parts.  The luau was one of my favorite parts of the week because we all got to bond and put cake in each others’ faces.   I loved making friends right from the start.  I will always remember my amazing week at turtle camp. – Tati M, Connecticut




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