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Sea Turtle Camp Marine Biology Summer Camps

Learn about our various Sea Turtle Camp summer camp programs including our Marine Biology Adventure, Marine Biology ImmersionMarine Biology Open Water Scuba Camp, Advanced Scuba CampCosta Rica Travel Adventure, Hawaii Travel Adventure, Florida Travel Adventure, and Women's Retreat.  

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Marine Biology - Adventure Teen Travel Camps

Join Sea Turtle Camp as we explore some of the most diverse marine biology hotspots in exciting and exotic destinations around the country and abroad. During these summer camps, we will work with local animals and conservationists while being immersed in the local culture.

Costa Rica
North Carolina Adventure
North Carolina Immersion

NAUI Teen Scuba Camps (North Carolina)

Open your eyes to the incredible marine biology view that lies just below our amazing oceans' surface. Students can choose to learn how to dive with our professional trainers or individuals holding current certifications can log more dives and receive advanced training.

Open Water
Advanced Scuba

Marine Biology Rehabilitation Camps (North Carolina)

Become part of the growing movement of young marine conservationists by joining the dedicated team at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital helping rehabilitate sick and injured sea turtles. Choose between the following two different programs lengths and experiences:

Marine Biology Adventure
Marine Biology Immersion

Women's Rejuvenation Retreat (North Carolina)

Restore yourself and nature during our women’s Sea Turtle Rejuvenation Retreat. Leave the daily stress behind as you reward yourself with six days and five nights relaxing along beautiful, white sandy beaches with other active, philanthropic women.

Women's Retreat

Support Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation

Please help us continue to protect and conserve the remaining species of Sea Turtles. Through education and public awareness we can ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the natural wonder of these magnificent marine species.

Please consider giving a membership to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital Foundation for birthdays and other special occasions.

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