The health and safety of our campers is our priority. We have been working hard to create guidelines for all who come to camp this summer. The American Camping Association engaged an expert panel coordinated by Environmental Health & Engineering Inc to create a practical guide and tool kit for reducing the risk at camp. The guide was released earlier this week along with recommendations from the State of North Carolina. After extensive review of each, we have put together a plan so that every camper will have the best experience at camp. Below you will find information on what we are doing:


  • A negative COVID-19 test must be presented at check-in.  Campers must be tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arrival at camp.
  • Check in times will be assigned for each camp to promote social distancing. This information will be communicated in your family’s welcome email.
  • We are using a “one parent, one child” drop off policy. We ask that only one parent and their scheduled campers come to check in.
  • Upon arrival, parents and campers will be directed to wash/sanitize their hands. Signs will be posted in all bathrooms on how to properly wash hands.  
  • Check in will follow social distancing protocols with everyone standing at least 6ft apart while waiting to check in.
  • Campers will go through a well check. This will include a temperature check, questions relating to COVID-19 and a lice check. Should your child have a fever of more than 100.4 or exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be allowed to check in. This includes campers who are arriving by plane. Staff will well check each camper. Should your camper exhibit any signs or symptoms, including a fever of more than 100.4, that camper will not be allowed to check in. Parents will be notified, and Surf Camp Inc. will help re-book your camper on a flight home at the expense of parent.
  • To ensure cleanliness of our accommodations, parents will say goodbye to campers after the well-check and campers will be escorted to their room by camp staff. Before entering each room, all luggage will be wiped down and sanitized. No outside visitors will be allowed.
  • Mail will not be allowed this summer. Should you bring a package or letter with you on check in day we are happy to distribute that during the week.
  • During the week campers will stay in their camp groups, this includes meals and evening activities.
  • Campers will wash hands before every meal and eat in camp groups.
  • Camp will use disposable products to cut down on contamination.
  • Campers will only use camp facilities after verbal confirmation from camp staff that it has been cleaned/sanitized. During the use of camp facilities campers will remain in camp groups.  
  • When campers leave camp, they will always remain in their camp groups and will socially distance from all non-camp persons. When social distancing is not possible, masks will be available. Upon arrival to any vendor, campers will immediately sanitize their hands, as well as when departing.
  • Surf Camp Inc. has been in contact with our Scuba vendors. They will be following the safety protocols set forth by the Divers Alert Network.
  • While campers are off site, Site Director will sanitize each room and common area to ensure cleanliness. Campers will always keep all items in their luggage.
  • Upon returning to camp, campers will immediately wash their hands and be given the opportunity to shower.
  • Any equipment used during the day by campers will be sanitized daily and stored properly.
  • Evening activities will be held in camp groups.
  • Surf Camp Inc. staff will go through an intensive training on all policies and protocols. Check lists will be utilized to ensure cleaning and sanitizing is done daily.
  • Should a camper exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, that camper will be given a mask and isolated immediately and parents notified. If an empty room is not available for isolation two side by side hotel rooms will be purchased at the expense of camper’s parent. One for sick camper and one for staff until parent arrives. Campers who live in the same space as suspected case will also be sent home. All other campers will be monitored, and parents notified of a suspected case. The local health department will be contacted for guidance and notification.
  • All other applicable country, state, and local guidelines will be followed dependent on your program location.

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