Sea Turtle Camp Trip Insurance

We highly recommend that participants in our programs purchase travel insurance to protect their investment. Because of the seasonality of our programs, we cannot refund deposit or tuition fees due to cancellation for any reason. Travel insurance can protect your investment in the event that a medical problem or family emergency prevents you from participating.

For example, travel insurance protection plans can cover:

  • Program Cancellation – (protects your non-refundable payments if you cancel program before it begins) for covered reasons such as injury, sickness, terrorist acts and transfer of employment of 250 miles.
  • Program Interruption – (protects your non-refundable payments if you interrupt your program) for covered reasons such as injury, sickness, terrorist acts and transfer of employment of 250 miles.
  • Medical Expenses/Emergency Assistance – medical bills for up to one year and for any special transportation required for medical reasons including expenses for parent to visit if hospitalized 3 days.
  • Personal Effects/Baggage – for damage, lost, or stolen personal articles.
  • Medical Records On Line – at your option, instant access to your medical records is available with the plan.

For policies that DO include COVID coverage and a “Cancel for No Reason” option:  (Please note that these policies have to be purchased within a small window of deposit paid for camp to have the option to cancel for no reason.  See each policy’s guidelines for exact time period.)  Below you will find a couple recommendations for Travel Insurance.


Currently the Republic of Costa Rica has some specific rules in place to help minimize COVID impact.  The list of entry/exit rules for Costa Rica can be found on the U.S. Embassy website, here

The biggest things to know currently:

  • Travel Insurance with COVID coverage is REQUIRED for entry into Costa Rica and for the duration of your stay.
    • The above Travel Insurance recommendations do offer COVID coverage.  Please verify with them that the Republic of Costa Rica accepts their COVID coverage.
    • The Republic of Costa Rica recommends two approved local Costa Rican insurance providers: (Note these two options are recognized by Costa Rica to enter the country, but may not cover your camp tuition or travel to/from.  Contact the insurance companies to verify.)

    Learn how we are supporting families as they make decisions about this summer.